Mar 3, 2011


Oh no! estaré en el lugar adecuado???
Y tu...?
Oh no! I will be in the right place??
And you ...?


  1. What an interesting composition! I like the way you painted the tops of the trees, and the unusual markings on the fox's head.

  2. How charming!:) I like the "circle" composition, too. It shows how dangerous the situation is - there's no way to escape. One can never be sure with bees! (They are lovely!) I hope everything with the fox will be O.K., because he is a fairytale fox!:) Is this a computer dtawing?

  3. me gusta la vista aérea, perfecta para mostrar el vuelo de las abejas.
    Pobre zorro, está rodeado.

  4. Pus, no creo que ese zorro lo esté :s

    Yo si lo creo estar :P

    Estamos en Frecuencia.

    P.D. la unión hace la fuerza, dicen. :)

  5. Ha, cute, I love your bees and the bee's eye view perspective!

  6. hola Happy Person, it's me again from the Land of Youth, hahah xD

    wow, this is such a very hard situation ;)) look at the bees!!!
    you're so clever, it looks like the vortex of your eye!!!
    hmmmm.... not your eye, but mine! :D

  7. hope you have a wonderful day!
    and so does the fox, heheh... :D

  8. How WONDERFUL! I love the bright colors, and the bees are so cute. Great texture on the trees, and the fox, well, he is just fantastic with his colors. I do hope they are friendly honeybees. I would hate for him to be stung!


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