Feb 23, 2011

Feliz Cumple!!!~Happy Birthday!!!

4 años! Hoy estamos de fiesta, pues mi pequeño travieso cumple 4 años!!
Para ese pequeño que ya quiere ser adulto para ir a trabajar, hacer cosas que ahora le cuesta trabajo hacer, como por ejemplo despojarse de la playera ajustada, comer sin miramientos ese arbolito de brócoli que acompaña a su hamburguesa, alcanzar los pedales del auto, etc.
Mi pequeño maestro, he aprendido más de el que de mi mismo sobre la vida y sus golosinas, me enseña a hablar correctamente este idioma (japones) que aún se me queda adormilado en la almohada.
Ei, Muchas felicidades en este y todos los días. Gracias por muchas muchas cosas peque!

Vamos a comer flan juntos!

4 years! Today we are of party, my little naughty boy is 4 years old!!
For this little who wants to be an adult to go to work, to do things that now are a little difficult as take off the tight shirt, eating without regard the broccoli tree that is near the burger, reach the pedals of the car, etc.
My little master, I learned more from Him that of myself about life and its sweetness, He teaches me to speak correctly the language (Japanese) that stay asleep on the pillow.
Ei, Happy happy birthday!! Thanks for many many things my little boy!

Let's eat flan together!


  1. Happy Birthday to the little Big boy! What a sweet and important age! If you only knew what wonderful moments and years are waitng for you from now on...:) Be happy, all the family!I wish your son to be healthy and always smiling!

  2. oh la la!!!
    Happy Birthday to the Little Son!!!
    please give him a BIG HUG from this silly witch :D

  3. i had a problem with blogger a few days ago thats why my elephant is gone :(

  4. i hope the Little Son has a wonderful day!

  5. Rossichka, thank you! every word full of love!

    Mita, my little witch, thank you! Im giving him many hugs.. even yours!
    Ps. He will, you too, ok!

  6. Feliz cumpleañosssss ♥♥♥♥!!!

  7. Oh, happy, happy birthday to your wonderful boy! O tanjobi omedetou gozaimasu! I'd much rather feast on your beautiful cake and flan than Ding Dongs!

  8. Ese cuatro humanoide esta genial :P

    Estamos en Frecuencia.

    P.D. y los que faltan :)

  9. happy weekend to Happy Person and Little Son and the rest of the family!!!!!!! :D


  10. Happy birthday!!! This is so full of love. : )

  11. Huy!! A festejar!!!!!!!!

    Dale un abrazo de mi parte :)

  12. Por cierto, ya he mandado tu postal; va con mis mejores deseos amigo Horacio :)

  13. my secret garden is really really a secret :D

    hey i sent you an email!


  14. Rossichka, Mita, Ana, Bella, Frecuencia, Shirley, Alan, thank you for every word you wrote here wishing good things!
    Im giving him all the hugs!!!


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