May 10, 2012

Día de la Mamá~Mother's Day~母の日

No quería dejar pasar esta fecha tan especial, en México se celebra el 10 de mayo el día de la Mamá, así que les deseo muy feliz día a toooodas las mamás!!

I did not want to miss this special date, in Mexico is celebrated on May 10 the Mother's Day, so I wish you a very happy happy day to all the moms!!


P.S. sorry for the absence, but I am in the phase of looking for myself.


  1. Hello! We celebrate this day on March 8th, but thanks!:)I hope you'll break "officially" the silence soon. Just hear what you inner-self wants!...

  2. awwww this is like really really CUTE ^___^
    you just gave me a big BIG smile...


  3. No, pus, IDEM para tu mami y tu esposa y tu abuela y... etc. etc. (estén donde estén) :P


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