Oct 11, 2010

Cuatro patas~Four legs

Ya sea sobre ruedas o sobre sus cuatro patas, lo importante es dar la mejor sonrisa!

Whether on wheels or on four legs, the important thing is to give the best smile!


  1. you are as funny as your drawings :)
    and you seem to be a nice person.

    im wishing a nice day to the nice person :)

  2. Hola Mita!
    Thanks for visit me and for the comment!
    I'm happy to know u find funny my drawings!

    Have many nice days u too =)

    Ps. I will tell u a secret.... "I like to have u in this little space"

  3. you are a nice person indeed!
    i knew it :))

    i like this little secret, heheh :D

  4. Hola Nuria!
    Lindo nombre! Gracias por tu comentario...


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